Hardwood Floor Stain information

One of the most common questions people have about refinishing their existing hardwood floors is whether or not they can stain their hardwood floor a different color. The answer is yes in most cases. Changing the stain color of your hardwood floor is a great way to bring a fresh new updated look and feel to your home.

Selecting the right stain color for your hardwood floor can be one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make when you decide to refinish your hardwood floors. The experts at Denver Dustless are here to help you though. Denver Dustless can help you select a stain color that will compliment your existing cabinets and trim and your new design style.

Our online hardwood stain gallery features all of the current Bona Dri-Fast Stain colors. Please keep in mind that due to variations in monitors these stain colors are for representation purposes only and that you should view actual stain samples within your home for an accurate color sampling.

Hardwood floor stain samples

Stain colors will vary based on screen resolutions - please request your free hardwood flooring estimate, and we will be glad to bring stain samples to you, or you can stop buy our conveniently located hardwood flooring showroom in north Denver.

  • Bona Antique Hardwood Stain
  • Bona Antique Brown Hardwood Stain
  • Bona Autumn Gold Hardwood Stain
  • Bona Cherry Hardwood Stain
  • Bona Dark Walnut Hardwood stain
  • Bona Early American hardwood stain
  • Bona Ebony hardwood stain
  • Bona Golden hardwood stain
  • Bona Jacobean hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Ligh Ebony hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Medium Brown hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Midnight Mahogany hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Nutmeg hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Provincial hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Puritan Pine hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Red Mahogany hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Rosewood hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Special Walnut hardwood stain sample
  • Bona Spice hardwood stain sample